Standardize care with love, not alerts.

Avo transforms evidence into actionable tools in the clinical workflow, so you can standardize care and reduce burnout.

Evidence from leading medical societies in clinical workflows
Automation of everyday clinical tasks
Digital transformation of institutional guidelines
Minimal technical resourcing once live in the EHR
Management of Heart Failure
AI Summarized Clinical Plan
Beta blockers to reduce the workload on the heart
Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (MRA) to help reduce fluid retention.
Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors (SGLTi) to reduce hospitalization and cardiovascular mortality
Return to clinic in 2 weeks.
HEART Score for Major Cardiac Events (MACE)
Metoprolol Succinate
Pend Recommended Orders

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There is a better way for clinicians to practice evidence-based care.

Clinical Pathways

Digitization of content like pathways, guidelines, and calculators with data pulling and ordering in the EHR.

Workflow Assistants

Actionable AI-driven clinical assistants across pre-visit, in-visit, and post-visit workflows, like chart synopsis, note and diagnosis generation, coding, and ambient listening.

Backend Builder

Customizable and modular “drag and drop” builder that does not require engineering experience to deploy tools in the EHR, mobile or web.

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“Avo brings effortless access to best practices, optimizing efficiency and promoting consistent care delivery. It allows clinicians to operate in the space and time we need: on the-go…Avo elevates care exactly where it’s needed: at the patient bedside.”
Courtney Herring
Associate Chief Elect, Medicine

Provider Organizations

Effortlessly standardize care and reduce burnout by offering clinicians an end-to-end workflow automation tool. Leverage your own content or customize society-backed templates to equip your clinicians with pathways, scribes, chart synopses, ordering and more. After a quick one-time EHR install, updates can be published immediately in Avo Builder without needing IT support.

“Avo is greatly appreciated by my IDNs, as a means for physicians to actively make treatment decisions at the point of care to understand and best implement guideline directed therapy. Their “no code” feature allows clinicians to operationalize protocols and allows pharma to view aggregated user data in a compliant way to support the patient journey.”
Karen Twomey, Director, Regional Payers and Health Systems, New York

Life Sciences

Compliantly drive guideline-directed medical therapy and disease awareness at the point-of-care to eliminate care gaps. Enhance HCP engagement strategies by bringing evidence into the EHR using the latest in AI technology. Improve disease awareness and medical education by offering HCPs a simpler way of identifying patients in need and a more efficient way of accessing relevant evidence across their workflows.

"Avo makes the AHA’s guidelines come to life at the point of care. It is clearly the new way to make sure guidelines are acted upon."
Patrick Dunn, Program Director

Medical Societies

Partner with Avo to transform your guidelines into simple, actionable tools available at the point-of-care. Enhance the impact of your guideline efforts, measure guideline adoption, and provide your members with time saving tools in the EHR.

Avo drives positive outcomes, in less time.


Average time saved at the point-of-care


Improvement in diagnostic accuracy


Improvement in admission delays in the ED


to deploy a pathway in Avo vs. 9 months in the EHR


Clinician satisfaction rate

"The app changes the way we take care of patients"

Moro Salifu, MD SUNY Downstate

Chief of Medicine

"We were always searching for ways to implement the guidelines into one’s clinical practice. AvoMD converts our guidelines into pragmatic advice to truly elevate the practice of clinical endocrinology and improve global health."

Sethu Reddy, MD, MBA, MACE


“This tool offers primary care providers help in more effectively treating mental health issues. PCPs can consider expert-guided suggestions for care for mental health conditions by accessing leading psychiatric expertise at the point of care on their phone or computer.”

John Mann, MD

Professor of Translational Neuroscience  and Co-Director of the Columbia Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression

"AvoMD's cutting-edge platform enables clinicians to easily and readily access the latest science and clinical recommendations. Expanding access to KDIGO Guidelines in this way will translate into improved patient care."

John Davis


“By providing us with easily accessible, interactive evidence-based decision support,  AvoMD helps us improve patient outcomes”

Mordechai Raskas, MD

CMIO and Director of Telemedicine

"This team is the definition of a nimble team, responsive to all of our needs."

Gary Singer


"Without a doubt, AvoMD is the future of point-of-care decision-making technology."

W. Michael Brode, M.D.

Hospitalist, Chair of Therapeutics and Informatics Committee

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